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NUSEUM Interview (Eng)

NUSEUM Interview (Eng)

NUSEUM is a platform that match personal nutrition goals for your grocery shopping.

NUSEUM is a startup that offers personalized nutrition healthcare commerce. It helps people with health conditions or dietary needs to find and buy groceries that suit their goals and needs. NUSEUM also tracks and analyzes their purchase and gives them feedback and suggestions. NUSEUM connects customers with online and offline services. NUSEUM's service is based on a survey of personal health and disease traits, which generates a list of foods to avoid and to buy. Each food item is linked to an e-commerce site for easy purchase. NUSEUM then monitors the nutrients and diversity of the purchased foods and uses the data to improve the suggestions. NUSEUM targets the 60% of the world's population that has at least one chronic condition, which accounts for $51 billion of the $85 billion food service market in South Korea.

NUSEUM is a platform that offers customized nutrition advice based on your gut microbiome's health and nutrient needs. It draws on 20 years of research on nutrient physiology and pharmacology, as well as a database of disease-biomarker-nutrient associations. The platform is patented in Korea and the US by Jiyoung Kim, the founder and CEO of NUSEUM, and SNU R&DB Foundation, who also have financial interests in it. NUSEUM distinguishes itself from other personalized nutrition companies by its expertise on nutrient science, its integration with e-commerce, and its tracking of your purchases. NUSEUM has collaborated with various companies, such as Pharmple-pharmacy payment system, Devotion Foods-plant-based meat company, FulloMann-grass-fed cattle farm, Knowingdoctor-remote medical consultation platform, and medical centers. Jiyoung Kim also led an AI diet consortium in 2021 with diverse stakeholders from different sectors, such as hospitals, universities, research center, goverment, healthcare, DNA, Microbiome, Bioinfomatics, Retail, Delivery, Supplement, F&B companies etc. NUSEUM welcomes more partnerships.

NUSEUM is a start-up team that was founded by researchers from the Lab of Nutrient Physiology & Pharmacology at Seoul National University in May 2022 and plans to become a company in October 2023. NUSEUM's mission is to offer personalized nutritional commerce that can help people manage their mental health and chronic diseases. NUSEUM's service analyzes the individual's health conditions, dietary preferences and physiological characteristics, and grocery purchase history. NUSEUM’s vision is to create a commerce platform that provides personalized health and nutrition information to individuals and families when they are buying food. NUSEUM wants to help customers select and buy foods that are healthy and suitable for their needs. NUSEUM believes that this is the best way for people to adopt lifelong healthy eating habits. NUSEUM aims to reduce health inequalities caused by social and economic factors, contributes to solving human health issues and building a healthier society and create a disease-free world through its approach.


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