AI diet now and future, what is the role of the University?

AI Diet Symposium

Center for Food & Bioconvrgence

Seoul National University

As the subject of education and research to maintain a healthy life in the coming future society, the symposium was held under the title of “AI diet now and future. What is the role of the University?” Already, the market is introducing and utilizing big data and artificial intelligence technology to propose and supply customized foods based on the concept of precision health care. At this symposium, leaders in the field of AI diet in Korea were invited to listen to and discuss the current and future of AI diet technology.

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(Patent) Personalized Diet Prediction Platform

(특허출원) 개인맞춤식이제안 플랫폼 발명의 명칭 : 개인맞춤식이제안 플랫폼 책임 발명자 : 김지영 출원번호/출원일자 : 1020210077354(2021.06.15)